How to generate an app using Instant Rails

Once you’ve purchased a license from the Instant Rails website, you’re ready to generate your Dockerized Rails app. The Instant Rails app generation command is as follows.

$ curl|sh -s <app name> <license key>

If for example your license key is 8d103360d1c68a5d4fb398b15d3d8a60 and you wanted to create an app called hello_world, you would run the following command.

$ curl|sh -s hello_world 8d103360d1c68a5d4fb398b15d3d8a60

This command will generate a Rails app for you, download and unzip it, then start a Rails server that you can visit.

When you see Listening on on the screen, you know your app is ready to visit at http://localhost:3001.

Important note regarding Professional-license projects

Webpacker takes a while to compile assets. For Professional-tier projects, there will be about a 60-second delay between the time Listening on appears on the screen and the time you can successfully visit your app at http://localhost:3001.

In the meantime you’ll see a Webpacker-related error when you visit http://localhost:3001. This error can be safely ignored until after the 60-second delay.